What is the Winding Direction of the Transformer Winding?

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The direction of the magnetic field generated by the current in the winding and the direction of the induced electric potential in the winding when the magnetic field changes are related to the winding direction of the winding. There are two winding directions: left winding and right winding.

If the winding direction from the beginning to the middle of the winding is counterclockwise, it is called the left winding direction; if the winding direction is clockwise, it is called the right winding direction.

When winding, the operator faces the winding machine, and the wire enters the winding machine from behind the operator, then the winding started on the left side of the winding machine is called the right winding winding, and the beginning is on the right side of the winding machine. The wound winding is called the left winding. Simply put, "From left to right, and from right to left".

Transformer Winding Wire

Transformer Winding Wire

The left-hand winding is convenient to wind, so the winding generally adopts the left-hand winding. Generally speaking, the winding direction cannot be changed after the winding is wound. However, for double-layer cylindrical windings and windings with only a single pie, the start and end are in line with the reverse, and the winding direction needs to be changed. Because at this time, the direction of the turns has changed from the beginning. According to the principle of the transformer, one of the primary windings of the two-column single-phase transformer has a wrong winding direction, and there will be no magnetic flux in the core; while the secondary winding has a wrong winding direction, it will be a short circuit when connected in parallel, and when connected in series The secondary voltage is zero. If the primary or secondary winding is wound in the wrong direction, the connection group of the transformer will change.

In the three-phase transformer, the primary winding has a wrong winding direction, the magnetic flux does not form a loop in the core, and the winding direction of all the primary or secondary windings is wrong, which will also change the connection group of the transformer.

It can be seen that the winding direction of the winding in the transformer is not allowed to be wound wrongly.

The winding direction of each winding in a transformer is not necessarily the same, which depends on its connection method. For example, when the two legs of a common single-phase transformer are connected in parallel, the winding direction must be different. The column must be right winding.

The winding direction in a winding is not necessarily the same. For example, the winding direction of the two parts of the reverse winding method is opposite, and the winding direction of the upper and lower parallel branches of the upper and lower parallel windings is also opposite. Our company also has Transformer Winding Wire on sale, welcome to contact us.