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700mm height , 600mm width LED Smart Mirror

700mm height , 600mm width LED Smart Mirror

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 The touch smart mirror is a mirror based on the Android system, which is equivalent to an interactive smart display that combines the Android operating system and home decoration.

 The main components of the entire system that make up this mirror are: an Android tablet that provides an interface and an RF proximity sensor that detects whether the user touches the mirror. The user does not need to actually touch the mirror. The mirror can also sense and intelligently display information.

     The smart mirror has many functions, such as anti-fog, Bluetooth, music, weather, time, weight, water temperature and other functions as well as human body induction function, and the user can switch between these information by touching it.

     It is suitable for use in beauty salons, barber shops, bars, retail stores, and even at home.  It also has many shapes, including circles, squares, rectangles and irregular shapes.